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2023 WGA Tournament Schedule


Wichita Match Play Championship - The Herbie Osterman Memorial


Dates: April 28-30

Schedule of Events:

Friday, April 28 -- Stroke Play Round (18 holes) -- Friday afternoon  

Saturday, April 29 -- First & Second Round match play 

Sunday, April 30 -- Semifinals & Finals match play  


All contestants will play in the 18-hole Stroke Play Round on April 28th. Players will be seeded based on their scoring. The first and second round of match play will take place the morning and afternoon of April 29th. The semifinals and finals will take place on April 30th. 



Rolling Hills Country Club

Entry Fee: $160 (Green Fee & Cart Included)

Pairings       Final Results          Entry Form 


Wichita Four-ball Championship - The Eldis Beets Four-ball


Dates: May 19-21

Schedule of Events: 

Friday, : -- First Round/Qualifying Round (18 holes)

Saturday, : Second Round/Qualifying Round (18 holes) 

Sunday, : -- Third Round (18 holes) -- Determined by flight



The 2022 WGA Fourball will be a 54-hole stroke play event. All teams will play rounds 1 & 2 on Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th at Willowbend Country Club and Tallgrass Country Club. After rounds 1 & 2, teams will be flighted accordingly for round 3 on May 21st. Depending on your flight, you will be at Tallgrass CC or Willowbend CC.  The Championship Flight and 1st Flight will play the 3rd round at ________. The 2nd Flight and Senior Flights will play the 3rd Round at _________.  Champion to be determined by each flight. 


Tallgrass C.C. & Willowbend C.C.


Round 1  -- Tallgrass CC or Willowbend CC

Round 2 -- Tallgrass CC or Willowbend CC

Round 3 -- 

   Championship Flight -- 

   1st Flight -- 

   2nd Flight -- 

   Senior 1st Flight -- 

   Senior 2nd Flight -- 

Entry Fee: $320 per team (Green Fee & Cart Included)

Pairings      Final Results        Entry Form


Wichita Senior & Super Senior Championship    


Dates: July 15-16

Schedule of Events:

Saturday,  July 15th -- First Round (18 holes)

Sunday,  July 16th -- Second Round (18 holes)


36 holes of individual stroke play.

Ages 50 and up are eligible for the Senior Division

Ages 70 and up are eligible for the Super Senior Division

Venue: Reflection Ridge Golf Club

Entry Fee: $150 (Includes Green Fee & Cart)


Pairings     Senior Results    Entry Form

Wichita Medal Play Championship - The Brian Linn Memorial       


Dates: July 28-29

Schedule of Events:

Friday, July 28th - First Round (18 holes)

Saturday, July 29th - Second Round (18 holes)


36 holes of individual stroke play.

Venue: Wichita Country Club

Entry Fee: $160 (Green Fee & Cart Included)

Round 1 Pairings          Results          Entry Form


Wichita Junior Championship - The Auggie Navarro Junior


Dates: May 31 - June 1

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday, May 31st -- First Round (18 holes)

Thursday, June 1st -- Second Round (18 holes)


36 holes of individual stroke play. An overall champion will be determined after the 36 hole competition. Champion(s) will also be determined by age division. 

Venue: Sim Park GC


Entry Fee: $25

Pairings & Tee Times           Results          Enter Online


The WGA Shootout       


Dates: September 23-24

Schedule of Events:

Saturday,  September 23rd -- First Round 

Sunday,  September 24th -- Second Round 


36 holes of team stroke play. 

   Round 1 - Shamble

   Round 2 - Shamble

Shamble Format:

Both players tee off each hole. For the second stroke on each hole, one of the two balls is selected. The ball selected is played out as it lies by the player to whom the ball belongs. The other player drops or places within one club-length (if through the green or in a hazard, the ball is dropped) or on the exact spot (if on the putting green), not nearer the hole, of the position of the ball selected (for the second stroke) and plays out the hole with that ball. The player whose ball is selected IS NOT REQUIRED to hit first, but his ball MUST NOT be moved or marked (unless on the putting green), if he does not hit first. The position of the ball may not be improved from the rough to fairway, from fringe to putting green or to outside of a hazard (including bunkers). The team’s score for the hole is the lowest number of strokes taken between the two balls in play (as in Four-Ball). If one player fails to complete a hole, there is no penalty.

Venue: Terradyne Country Club

Entry Fee: $250 per team (Green Fee & Cart Included)

Pairings & Tee Times      Results          Entry Form





By entering any of the listed tournaments, I agree that my entry is subject to rejection at any time (including during the competition) by the Wichita Golf Association (WGA) or by the host club. The reason for rejection may include conduct unbecoming.

By entering any of the listed tournaments, I hereby agree to waive all claims against the WGA and host club for personal injury or death as a result of any acts by the WGA in relation to the conduct of the competition.

Play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf except as stated. All questions shall be settled by the WGA whose decision shall be final.

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